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"Shuara" is Murat Verdi's first album project. Verdi not only plays various instruments from drums to keys, but also is responsible for all the arrangement. He is accompanied by worldwide famous Brazilian musician Nana Vasconcelos (drums, vocal), İmer Demirer, Levent Altındağ, Mısırlı Ahmet, Murat Berber and Ebru Yazıcı. 

"Shuara" means "Poets" in old Turkish and it is available in shops through Equinox Music. 

Song List

  • 1. Mimi Upendo
  • 2. Subindo
  • 3. Beyond The Horizon
  • 4. Kudema
  • 5. Shalimar
  • 6. Ovada
  • 7. Yarın Senin
  • 8. Corcovado
  • 9. Funky Zeybek
  • 10. Okundu
  • 11. Tulpar
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