About Album

Daughter of the famed Brazilian pop and bossa nova singer João Gilberto, Bebel recalls her father's own classic recordings on "Tanto Tempo". The album relies mostly on acoustic instruments and some muted orchestrations, and is nonetheless smartly paced to allow for some tasteful dance-club electronics to augment a few tracks.

Song List

  • 1. Samba Da Bencao
  • 2. August Day Song
  • 3. Tanto Tempo
  • 4. Sem Contencao
  • 5. Mais Feliz
  • 6. Alguem
  • 7. So Nice (Summer Samba)
  • 8. Lonely
  • 9. Bananeira
  • 10. Samba E Amor
  • 11. Close Your Eyes


"It's hot. You need to cool down. This album is perfect for the purpose."

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