THE GOOD FEELING / Christian McBride

Mack Avenue (2012)


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About Album

As one of the most visible and talented musicians of his generation, he continues grow as an artist, and "The Good Feeling" is just the latest chapter in the ever evolving, constantly expanding, musical world of Christian McBride.



Song List

Side A
  • 1. Shake 'n Bake
  • 2. Broadway
  • 3. Brother Mister
Side B
  • 1. When I Fall In Love
  • 2. Science Fiction
Side C
  • 1. The Shade of the Cedar Tree
  • 2. The More I See You
  • 3. I Should Care
Side D
  • 1. A Taste of Honey
  • 2. Bluesin' In Alphabet City
  • 3. In A Hurry


"Steeped in tradition while remaining tapped into what's current and exciting in jazz today."
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