Caecilie Norby

Caecilie Norby

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Born in Denmark into a musical family, her father a composer, her mother an opera singer, Caecilie Norby is a singer with an unusual repertoire that not only includes some jazz standards, but a few pop tunes of the past 30 years (including "Spinning Wheel" and "The Look of Love"). She has a strong voice and a style that shows potential. Norby's background is actually in rock, recording with Frontline in 1985 and spending 1986-1993 as half of the rock group One Two. However, she also sang occasionally with a small jazz group in clubs, and pianist Niels Lan Doky was impressed enough to offer to produce her first jazz record. Caecilie Norby, whose greatest musical influence is early Nancy Wilson has been celebrated by fans, critics and many of the world's greatest musicians. In Europe she was one of the very first who contributed to bridge the gap between Jazz and the young traditionally rock oriented audiences. She has released 4 of her 7 solo albums on the prestigious BLUE NOTE Records, recieved awards and as a jazz solo artist sold over 150.000 albums in Europe, US, Japan and South Africa.


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