Mercan Dede

About Artist

The Mercan Dede Ensemble was founded in 1998, as the culmination of Mercan Dede's extensive musical experience over the past decade both in Turkey and in North America. The primary aim of the Ensemble is to foster an environment in which music can be created and enjoyed freed from restrictive categories and concerns related to the division of music according to various disciplines. A combined wealth of practical training as well as years of experience in performing traditional eastern music enables the members of the Ensemble to realize this aim to a degree not often encountered. Mercan Dede's additional experience with modern western music, and in particular electronic music, helps to create a new and powerful musical expression in combination with the eastern-inspired music and improvisations provided by the other members of the ensemble. Together, these styles of music work to highlight their similarities, both in style and intent.


2 album(s) founded.
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