BERLIN - NEWYORK / Ben Kraef & Rainer Böhm

ACT (2011)



About Album

A universal, big town modern swing and post pop that demonstrates the individuality of all four musicians. Berlin - New York is an excellent example of a branch in the tree of new German jazz that is bound to tradition and consciously explores the music’s American heritage, and as such fits perfectly among its fellows in the ‘Young German Jazz’ series on ACT.

Song List

  • 1. Dayfly
  • 2. Willie B
  • 3. Mind At Peace
  • 4. Skystepper
  • 5. For Spring To Come
  • 6. Mama 'n'em
  • 7. Another Day's Song
  • 8. Flutterbyes
  • 9. Joe Blow
  • 10. You Only Live Twice (Or So It Seems)
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