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“The Vinyl Collection” brings together all previously released albums of Ferit Odman, who is one of the most prominent jazz musicians of Turkish and global scene. “The Vinyl Collection” brings together Ferit Odman’s critically acclaimed debut “Nommo”, his second recorded in New York named “Autumn in New York” and his latest album “Dameronia with Strings” which is honourably archived by jazz lovers and audiophiles around the world in this impressive collection. You will find all three albums as 180 gram high fidelity coloured vinyl LPs wrapped together. “The Vinyl Collection”, produced in Germany, comes with a gold embossed logo done by Japanese artist Takao Fujioka and presents all analog [AAA] "Dameronia with Strings" on transparent orange, "Autumn in New York” on opaque burgundy and “Nommo” on transparent black vinyl. Each record comes with a gatefold cover. Another great surprise “The Vinyl Collection” offers is the set of three beautiful vinyl coasters that comes along with the package.

Song List

Side A
  • 1. The Eternal Triangle
  • 2. Nommo
  • 3. Rob Roy
  • 4. To Wisdom The Prize
Side B
  • 1. Tadd’s Delight
  • 2. MR A.T.
  • 3. An Oscar For Treadwell
  • 4. Good Times
Side C
  • 1. Step Lightly
  • 2. Alter Ego
  • 3. The Soulful Mr. Timmons
Side D
  • 1. Autumn in New York
  • 2. Hindsight
  • 3. My Ideal
  • 4. Changing Of The Guard
Side E
  • 1. On a Misty Night
  • 2. If You Could Se Me Now
  • 3. Just Plain Talkin’
  • 4. Smooth As The Wind
Side F
  • 1. Look, Stop & Listen
  • 2. You’re A Joy
  • 3. Our Delight
  • 4. Soultrane


"It is a box that will be chased with desire, tried to be get hold of and will take the best seat in a collection."
Naim Dilmener, Hürriyet

"Ferit Odman released his 3 albums as a vinyl collection. I have always made fun of Kanat Atkaya for his passion for vinyl but it feels like I will slightly turn into that too."
Ertuğrul Özkök, Hürriyet

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