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On Magnum Mysterium, the solemn original vocal passages delivered by Sjökvist’s fantastic singers, form the backdrop for Lundgren to open up new pathways within the stately madrigals. A few blue notes here, a world music embellishment or different choice of harmony there, suffice. Lundgren, it turns out, is a master of economy – as a player and as the arranger of most of the pieces on the CD. The arrangements are the key to the fascinating combination of strict form and an improviser’s freedom: while remaining uncluttered and minimalist in nature, they still manage to absorb the moods and colours of the originals, thus presenting a startlingly contemporary version of this open-minded yet at the core joyously festive ancient music. 

Song List

  • 1. Vinea Mea - 03:34 (unknown)
  • 2. Prophetiae Sibyllarum - 04:25 (Lasso, Orlando)
  • 3. Se Nel Partir Da Voi - 04:31 (Monteverdi, Claudio)
  • 4. Crux Fidelis - 05:51 (John IV, King of Portugal)
  • 5. Kyrie (from "Missa De Carneval") - 05:18 (Gaffurio, Franchino)
  • 6. O Quam Gloriosum - 05:55 (de Victoria, T. L.)
  • 7. Da Pacem, Domine (from "Graduale Romanum") - 03:01 (anonymus)
  • 8. Pastores Dicite, Quidnam Vidistis? - 03:56 (de Morales, Christóbal)
  • 9. Maria Magdalene Et Altera Maria - 05:26 (Gabrieli, Andrea)
  • 10. O Magnum Mysterium - 05:43 (Byrd, William)
  • 11. Angelus Autem Domini Descendit - 05:31 (Anerio, Felice)



"Magnum Mysterium may well prove to be is most purely beautiful release, an album where lush choral music is married with contemporary improvisation that remains ever true to ist source.“ 


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