Meeting of Hearts (Kalplerin Buluşması) / Yinon Muallem

Meeting of Hearts (Kalplerin Buluşması)

About Album

The influence of Sufi thought on outstanding poets of the Spanish  tradition, and the deep marks it left on Jewish cultural history inspired  Yinon Muallem to create “Meeting of Hearts”. “Meeting of Hearts” takes  us to a deep, historical and spiritual journey of Sufism from the “Golden  Era” in the Southern Spain to the land of great Sufi poet Yunus Emre,  Anatolia. In this journey, the forgotten words as old as 8th century are  revealed, and the sound of Sufism is reinvented through Yinon  Muallem’s compositions with shimmering and mystical melodies.

Meeting of hearts profoundly displays the unities shared by Muslim and  Jewish mystics on life and man’s relationship to God, with the aim of  bringing the message of peace and tolerance through a strong sensual  and spiritual experience.

With Meeting of Hearts, Muallem continues his musical journey to reach  a vast place where music can freely exist, crossing the geographical,  ethnic, cultural, and religious boundaries.


Song List

  • 1. Meeting Of Hearts
  • 2. Yunus
  • 3. Elohey Oz
  • 4. Agadelha
  • 5. Reading Moses
  • 6. Moses - (Bu Cihana Gelmeden)
  • 7. Adon Olam
  • 8. Arayı Arayı
  • 9. Rhythm Of The Hearts (Kalplerin Ritmi)
  • 10. Yigdal Elohim Hay
  • 11. Reading
  • 12. Deep In My Heart (Amok Belibi)
  • 13. Dancing Of The Hearts


“Meeting of Hearts is a beautiful album promoting cross - religious and inter - cultural understanding. It s well worth a listen  for anyone interested in music from the region and, indeed, anyone  wishing to hear what happens when you break down barriers”  

Tom Newell, Songlines Magazine, May 2016

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