STREAMS / Nguyen Le

ACT (2019)

Guitar Jazz / Jazz / World

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About Album

The only constant about Nguyên Lê’s career is that it’s always evolving. The Paris-born and based musicianhas established himself as a preeminent voice in combining myriad global musics with Vietnamese influences in thrilling and groundbreaking ways. His latest release, "Streams", continues in that tradition. The album is a collaboration between Lê and the worldly-minded talents of American drummer John Hadfield, Canadian bassist Chris Jenningsand French vibraphonist Illya Amar.

Song List

  • 1. Hippocampus ( Nguyên Lê)
  • 2. Bamiyan ( Nguyên Lê)
  • 3. Swing A Ming ( Nguyên Lê)
  • 4. Subtle Body ( Nguyên Lê)
  • 5. 6h55 ( Chris Jennings)
  • 6. Mazurka ( Nguyên Lê)
  • 7. Sawira ( Nguyên Lê)
  • 8. The Single Orange ( Illya Amar)
  • 9. Coromandel ( Nguyên Lê)


"With its swirling, interconnected influences from a range of musical cultures, 'Streams' is an engaging and fresh listen."
Jazz Journal

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