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Evoking, of course, Reinhardt's deep legacy, Luc brings an incredible sense of fun and creativity to this music, finding and flexing the dynamics of the CD's 13 songs, which are a mixture of timeless classics (including "A Night in Tunisia" and "There Will Never Be Another You") and charming originals.

Song List

  • 1. A Night In Tunisia
  • 2. Bella Vista
  • 3. Jade et Melody
  • 4. Mojo
  • 5. Ouverture
  • 6. Ameskeri
  • 7. Roots 6406
  • 8. This Guy's In Love With you
  • 9. Chez Laurette
  • 10. Requiem
  • 11. Little Man You've had a Busy D
  • 12. There will Never Be Another You
  • 13. Moon River


"Their eponymous album is an honorable tribute to the legacy of Django Reinhardt and comes highly recommended."
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