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About Album

Swanlights is the fourth studio album by Antony and the Johnsons. To accompany the album release, the band has produced a 144 page art book also titled Swanlights, which includes paintings, collages, photography and writing by Antony. 




Song List

  • 1. Everything Is New
  • 2. The Great White Ocean
  • 3. Ghost
  • 4. I'm In Love
  • 5. Violetta
  • 6. Swanlights
  • 7. The Spirit Was Gone
  • 8. Thank You For Your Love
  • 9. Flétta
  • 10. Salt Silver Oxygen
  • 11. Christina's Farm


"Yet another gorgeous creation by one of the most unique artists of the 2000s.”
Tiny Mix Tapes

“Swanlights might be Antony's richest album yet, with musical and thematic charms that take their time to take their hold…"

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