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DVD and CD edition "Turning" consists of a documentary musical art film by video artist Charles Atlas based on a stage collaboration Atlas had with British-American artist Antony Hegarty and her band The Johnsons. It was filmed through various Antony and the Johnsons performances starting in 2004 up to the end of the critically acclaimed tour of Europe by Antony and the Johnsons during the autumn of 2006. 



Song List

  • 1. Everything Is New
  • 2. My Lord, My Love
  • 3. Cripple and the Starfish
  • 4. For Today I Am a Boy
  • 5. Where Is My Power?
  • 6. Spiralling
  • 7. Find the Rhythm of Your Love
  • 8. I Fell in Love With a Dead Boy
  • 9. Bird Gehrl
  • 10. Kiss My Name
  • 11. Daylight and the Sun
  • 12. One Dove
  • 13. Hope There's Someone
  • 14. Twilight
  • 15. You Are My Sister
  • 16. Whose Are These
  • 17. Tears Tears Tears


"Here, as always, Hegarty's art gives shape to the deepest loves and darkest sufferings of the human heart".    
Rolling Stone

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