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The Long Wait is Over. Mare Nostrum presents 'The Sound of Europe'….. Part Two. Sardinian trumpeter Paolo Fresu, French accordionist Richard Galliano and Swedish pianist Jan Lundgren form the trio “Mare Nostrum”. This band forges connections between the discrete musical cultures of its three protagonists. This new CD marks the return to the studio of a European supergroup. And they're on top form.

Song List

Side A
  • 1. Apnea
  • 2. Blue Silence ( Lundgren, Jan)
  • 3. Aurore ( Galliano, Richard)
Side B
  • 1. Kristallen den fina ( trad.)
  • 2. Giselle ( Galliano, Richard)
  • 3. E varie notti tre vie notai - per Etule, l'amico più fragile ( Fresu, Paolo)
Side C
  • 1. Farväl ( Lundgren, Jan)
  • 2. Gnossienne No.1 ( Satie, Erik)
  • 3. Lili ( Galliano, Richard)
Side D
  • 1. Leklåt ( Ludgren, Jan)
  • 2. Le livre d'un père sarde ( Fresu, Paolo)
  • 3. Si dolce è il tormento ( Monteverdi, Claudio)


"With each piece lasting about four minutes, and the mood changing subtly from one to another, it’s a deeply enjoyable listen."
The Guardian

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