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Within ten years and hundreds of concerts in Scandinavia, Central-, Southern- and Eastern-Europe and the Near- and Middle East, the trio "Mare Nostrum", consisting of the Sardinian trumpeter Paolo Fresu, French accordion virtuoso Richard Galliano and Swedish pianist Jan Lundgren has established itself as one of the most prominent ensembles of "The sound of Europe", drawing inspiration from jazz, classical and folk-/song-tradition - from the northernmost to the southernmost part of the continent. With "Mare Nostrum III", Paolo Fresu, Richard Galliano and Jan Lundgren have once again created a wonderful ballad album. Through their music they rise way above that old discussion about whatever "jazz" might be nowadays. What they have achieved instead is to bring the sound of Europe to life.



Song List

  • 1. Blues sur Seine ( Richard Galliano)
  • 2. Pavese ( Paolo Fresu)
  • 3. Love Land ( Jan Lundgren)
  • 4. The Windmills Of Your Mind ( Michel Legrand)
  • 5. I’te vurria vasà ( Eduardo Di Capua & Alfredo Mazzucchi)
  • 6. Le Jardin des Fées ( Richard Galliano)
  • 7. Del Soldato in trincea ( Paolo Fresu)
  • 8. Ronneby ( Jan Lundgren)
  • 9. Love Theme From “The Getaway” ( Quincy Jones)
  • 10. Human Requiem ( Paolo Fresu)
  • 11. Letter To My Mother ( Richard Galliano)
  • 12. Love In Return ( Jan Lundgren)
  • 13. Perfetta ( Paolo Fresu)
  • 14. The Magic Stroll ( Jan Lundgren)
  • 15. Prayer ( Richard Galliano)


"...a perfect hybrid from Fresu, Galliano and Lundgren."
The Guardian

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