RADIO SILENCE / Neil Cowley Trio

Naim (2010)



About Album

Their Naim Jazz debut is their most complete and eloquent statement yet. Cowley's music, a powerful examination of the possibilities of the acoustic piano trio draws equally on classical, trance, rock and jazz, and led Mojo to hail the bands 2008's Loud louder Stop as a "Modern Classic", and list it in their '50 Best Albums' of that year. Radio Silence is the sound of a band fully comfortable in their unique sonic skin.



Song List

CD - 1
  • 1. Monoface
  • 2. Radio Silence
  • 3. Vice Skating
  • 4. A French Lesson
  • 5. Gerald
  • 6. Desert To Rabat
  • 7. Stereoface
  • 8. Hug The Greyhound
  • 9. Portal
  • 10. Box Lily (HD Download Bonus)


"Radio Silence demonstrates that creative musicians can still produce new and exciting music within an acoustic trio setting and that such music can be accessible, joyous,
beautiful and danceable."

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