UNBREAKABLE / Nils Landgren

ACT (2017)

Jazz / Jazz Funk


About Album

"Unbreakable" opens with the title song, Nils Landgren’s own composition. It begins with an unmistakeable guitar intro by Detroit funk legend Ray Parker Jr. (for the occasion an “Honorary Funk Unit member”) a funky riff that sets the pace for what’s to follow; a nonstop funk blowout.



Song List

  • 1. Unbreakable ( Nils Landgren)
  • 2. Just A Kiss Away ( Allen Toussaint)
  • 3. Get Down On The Funk ( Nils Landgren Funk Unit / Magnum C. Price)
  • 4. Friday Night ( Magnum C. Price & Andy Pfeiler)
  • 5. Stars In Your Eyes ( Herbie Hancock, Ray Parker Jr, Gavin Christopher Wright & Lisa Capuano)
  • 6. Rockin´After Midnight ( Marvin Gaye)
  • 7. Soulchild ( Nils Landgren)
  • 8. Old School ( Magnum C. Price & Andy Pfeiler)
  • 9. NLFU Funk ( Nils Landgren, Magnum C. Price & Andy Pfeiler / Magnum C. Price & Andy Pfeiler)
  • 10. Bow Down ( Magnum C. Price)


"Unbreakable was recorded at famous Atlantis Studios in Stockholm, where ABBA recorded many of their hit records."
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