e.s.t. LIVE IN GOTHENBURG / e.s.t. Esbjörn Svensson Trio

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About Album

"e.s.t. live in Gothenburg" brings listeners the previously unreleased recording of a concert to which Esbjörn Svensson referred in his lifetime as one of the best that his trio ever did. In this 2001 recording, e.s.t. played tracks from the albums "From Gagarin´s Point of View" and "Good Morning Susie Soho". There is even one track, “Bowling", which has never been released on CD before.


Song List

Side A
  • 1. Dating
  • 2. Somewhere Else Before
Side B
  • 1. The Rube Thing
Side C
  • 1. From Gagarin's Point Of View
  • 2. The Wraith
Side D
  • 1. Providence
  • 2. Good Morning Susie Soho
Side E
  • 1. The Chapel
  • 2. Bowling
Side F
  • 1. The Second Page
  • 2. Dodge The Dodo


"It serves both as a confirmation of reputation and a fine introduction to e.s.t.’s distinctive place in the annals of the piano trio."

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